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Fax Server

Even though Email is the transfer method of choice these days, fax is still widely used. Intergrating Fax with Email will give you the following benefits:

  • Users can send and receive faxes without leaving their desks.
  • Any printable computer file can be faxed, without having to first print the document on paper.
  • The number of fax lines in an organization can be reduced, as the server can queue large numbers of faxes and send each when any of a number of lines is free.
  • Faxing capability can be added easily to computer programs, allowing automatic generation of faxes.
  • Transmitted faxes are more legible and professional-looking.
  • There is less clutter of office equipment; incoming faxes can be printed on a standard computer printer.
  • Printer jams on malfunctioning fax printers may be reprinted without being re-faxed.
  • Faxing may be monitored and/or recorded, so that users may be allocated quotas or charged fees, or to ensure compliance with data-retention and financial laws.
  • Fax Servers can be located centrally in an organization's data centers providing resilience and disaster recovery facilities to a traditionally desktop technology.
  • Incoming junk faxes are not as much of a problem; the server may maintain a blacklist of numbers it will not accept faxes from (or a white list listing all the numbers it will accept calls from), and those that do get through do not waste paper.



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