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Email Server

These days more then 78% of all Email is spam. It is estimated that spam cost businesses around $100 billion a year. Our Dedicated Email Server runs a very advanced self-learning anti-virus and spam filtering system.

Our Email Server solution is based on Sendmail running on Slackware Linux.

Sendmail can provide enterprise-level 'mail exchange' functions; that is to say, it can function effectively as an enterprise's email platform or as a gateway to other email platforms.

Through Sendmail's Milter technology we provide a advanced self-learning spam filtering system that can divert the mail in any step of the mail delivery process.

We provide the following features on a Linux Email Server:

  • SMTP
  • Secure SMTPS
  • POP
  • Secure POP
  • IMAP
  • Secure IMAP
  • Web-based Mail Access
  • Web-based management interface
  • Self-learning Spam filtering system
  • Auto update anti-virus



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