Bahrain: Network support and Linux support in bahrain.
Workgroup Server

The Workgroup Server is a Slackware based machine. It is as we say "A better Windows Server than MS Windows Server".

This server runs on the open source operating system Linux. This operating system has proven to be a very cost effective system and also requires very little maintenance.

The Workgroup Server is also configured with Quality of Service. This is the ability to provide different priority to different applications or users,  or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow.

It has all the basic services that a Workgroup Server should have and much more:

  • Domain log on and Roaming Profiles
  • File and Printer sharing
  • VPN (virtual private network) connections from outside the office
  • Email with Shared Boxes and anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Internet Gateway with Full or Limited Internet Access

We can also provide automatic remote backup for the Workgroup Server so that there is always a full copy of the whole system outside of the office. Depending on your needs this remote backup can retain a daily copy of the revised files. In this way you can always go back to previous versions of any file.

An Internet connection and Window-based PCs are the only things required.

Internet Gateway

The Internet is not a friendly place. With almost 90% of PCs running Windows, they are the main target for all kinds of malicious code.
When you connect a Windows based PC to the Internet without any protection it will get infected within 30 minutes. Blocking these kinds of attack is just one of the many things our Internet Gateway can provide.

Web Server

XS4Arabia can build you state-of-the-art Linux based web servers, running a wide range of open source HTTP daemons and programming languages.

VOIP Server / PBX

The Linux based Open Source Software Asterisk has become the standard in modern VoIP PBX systems because of its powerful and flexible structure. With Asterisk you can have all the features needed for today's business at a fraction of the cost of a convectional PBX.

Load Balancer

This a system that distribute the inbound IP traffic evenly across two or more servers. It will optimize resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overload while in the mean time enhance security.

Email Server

These days more then 78% of all Email is spam. It is estimated that spam cost businesses around $100 billion a year. Our Dedicated Email Server runs a very advanced self-learning anti-virus and spam filtering system.

Fax Server

Our Fax Server is an easy to use fax to email and email to fax gateway. It can also directly print the fax on almost any kind of printer. There are many advantages of using a Fax server over conventional fax machines.


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