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Why Linux

Linux is a very powerful operating system that is completely open and runs on almost any hardware from mobile phones to satellite receivers and from netbooks to supercomputers. Here is a list of why Linux could be the solution for You.


  • Many vendor's distributions of Linux are free for download as are many programs which run on Linux. If a vendor's distribution is not free, it is often very reasonably priced.
  • If you are unable to download distributions/programs, because of slow Internet access or other reasons, there are often places where the media can be bought for a nominal fee.
  • Most software is distributed under the GNU Public License or a similar license; licenses that allow anyone to modify the internal code of the software to fit their individual needs or to provide improvements.


  • The core of the Linux operating system is free and is updated constantly with new features and support for new hardware.
  • Many of Linux's large quantity of programs are "open source," allowing the holder of the software to improve the software in whatever way they want as long as credit is given.
  • Most distributions allow for updates to be done online and are free.
  • Older "slow" machines can be turned into useful workstations or utilized for other tasks.


  • Proper administration of a computer with Linux allows for a very secure multi-user workstation.
  • Viruses are less of a threat. The system setup of a Linux system does not allow a virus to act as it does on a Windows machine, and the fact that almost no viruses have been written for Linux allows for a very secure feeling.


  • Thousands of applications, applets, software, etc. to customize the look, feel and overall performance of your workstation.
  • A wealth of people that have tastes similar to yours that have made themes or written programs that accentuate your personal tastes.



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