Bahrain: Network support and Linux support in bahrain.

XS4Arabia is the solution provider which can help you improve your business and efficiency. On top of the latest technology and the use of state the art techniques we can offer you reliably services, like hosting and development.

Due to our commitment with innovative and high availability we can provide you with the best serverproducts.

With our solutions we can be helpful with take care of your worries. We can rapport issues, remotely fix errors and secure you precious data.

By using original open source all this features are available for every kind of business. They’re easily scalable and can simply grow along with your expansion.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to partner with our clients, assisting them to adapt to the rapid business needs of the 21st Century by providing cutting edge technology enhancing and maximizing their success.

Internet Gateway

The Internet is not a friendly place. With almost 90% of PCs running Windows, they are the main target for all kinds of malicious code.
When you connect a Windows based PC to the Internet without any protection it will get infected within 30 minutes. Blocking these kinds of attack is just one of the many things our Internet Gateway can provide.

VOIP Server / PBX

The Linux based Open Source Software Asterisk has become the standard in modern VoIP PBX systems because of its powerful and flexible structure. With Asterisk you can have all the features needed for today's business at a fraction of the cost of a convectional PBX.


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